World, meet my blog; blog, meet the world.

13th June 2014

Hello and welcome to my little travel blog: justravel.  


On this blog I plan to share a few of my thoughts on my travels.  I want to inspire you to go… Just go… To just travel.

Don’t think that I have seen the world – that’s not the impression that I’m trying to give.   I just want to tell you about the places that I have seen and the experiences that I’ve had on my travels.  I want to share  things that I have seen and things that I still want to see – things that inspire me and the dreams that I nurture.  Let’s hope you find this interesting – or at the very least entertaining.  And if you can learn something or be inspired to pack your bags and go see the world, even better! 

Happy reading and happy traveling! 

B 🙂 


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