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The Kingda Ka: highest roller coaster in the world

28th June 2014

I was in America for the World Choir Games in Cincinnati in 2012. After the tour, 3 friends and I stayed for another week and went did a road trip.  On our way back to New York, we stopped at the Seven Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.
Why, you may ask?


To ride the Kingda Ka, the highest roller coaster in the world, of course!


Yep. I did that. And I survived and everything. The ride was very hectic, let’s not joke around. You climb into the train, then it moves just a few steps forward. The is a subtle sound of releasing air from the ride, probably the hydraulics or something, (I really have no clue) and that’s when you know that stuff is going to go down.


The train accelerates to 206 km/H in 3,5 seconds (thank you Wikipedia for that information) which is, needless to say, very, very, very fast. I just reminded myself to keep breathing while we sped off approaching the climb. A slight bump, and we were climbing this 139m high (what seemed to me like a) mountain in front of us.


Reaching the top, we had a splendid but very brief view of the area. That was however the longest second in my life –  knowing, holding my breath and waiting for the imminent plunge…
And then down we went. Suddenly and straight  down at a 90° angle, with a little bit of a swish and a turn in the track. I survived, wide-eyed, but luckily still breathing!


The remainder of the ride was also very, very fast. Everyone has been on those curvy rides going a bit up and down and it was fine. That is also what I expected when I saw the Kingda Ka. That was, however, completely misguided.  The train is simply too fast, descending from that mountain. We sped over those up and down bumps in the track, which felt more like big speed humps at an incredible speed.  Very fast, very hectic! I got a little teary eyed when we pulled in at the stop –  just so happy that I survived and that it was (probably) great fun.


The ride was over very quickly –  it probably took us one minute to get back to the base again. But what an exhilarating experience, a story that I have and will tell many times over in my lifetime.


Are you always game for a new and exciting experience?  Well then, just go… Justravel!


B 🙂


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