The John Lennon Wall, Prague

28th June 2014

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”
– John Lennon


This particular day during a visit in Europe had not been the best.  It was raining, the place where I stayed was a bit weird and I was missing home. I went to a small cafe to have a quick lunch of sausages and mustard, hiding from the light drizzle.  Luckily I had some wifi to chat to my dear brother, who instantly made me feel better.  After that, I decided that it was time to face the world again and to go look for this wall…


I went around one corner and suddenly… There it was!


A big beautiful wall full of graffiti about music, life, John Lennon and the Beatles. We were only a few people, including a young  musician playing some Beatles songs on his guitar. And he was quite good looking –  I must add.  The atmosphere was wonderfully magical and brought a big smile to my face, just as the sun came out behind the clouds.


The wall had the most amazing pieces of art:  there were some drawings that looked like children had crafted them and some were expertly done.  There were inspiring quotes about life, music, The Beatles and everything in between. I stood amazed and lingered as long as time would let me.  I soaked in the the beautiful music and the vibe of it all, hoping to remember that day forever.

The best part about the wall is that it is constantly changing.  The graffiti is apparently illegal, so the police visit the John Lennon wall every so often to paint the wall white.  This doesn’t phase the artists of Prague though  – they just keep adding cool works of art to this wall canvas.


I am a big Beatles fan and I loved this hidden gem in the middle of this beautiful city.  The wall is never the same, with new artists leaving their mark hoping to inspire someone. I hope that you get the chance to visit this site one day and I hope it brings warmness to your heart, as it did to mine.

B 🙂



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