Introducing, me.



My name is Bernice and I would like to tell you a story.


I grew up in a middle class house in South Africa and I’m the youngest child of parents who taught me the importance of travelling.  Nowadays, I’m a 20-something working girl who is passionate about seeing the world and inspiring others to join me. I am lucky enough to have collected a few stories along my road and I hope to show you how to do the same.

How about you? Do you share my dreams of seeing the world, eating interesting food and meeting unforgettable people?  Has it always been a dream of yours to see the world, but you just can’t go?  You don’t know how, you don’t have enough money, you don’t know where to start or you’re simply just too afraid?  

If that is the case, I hope to open up a world of possibilities for you.  I would like to show you that you can also travel to strange, far off places and ride an elephant (or the highest roller coaster in the world, if that’s more your thing)  or get completely lost in the streets of Italy.
I have learned that travelling is not as difficult, daunting and as unreachable as I had thought.  

Sometimes you just have to pack your bags and just go.  justravel. 


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