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How to pick your flight outfit

21st July 2017

Being comfortable in your long haul flight is super important – it can make or break your experience.  Picking your flight outfit is the first step to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable flight.  


What to wear when you fly


  • Bottoms

I usually fly in my jeggings (jean leggings that are super comfy and stretchy), because I know I’ll wear them again and because I just adore them.  

I’d suggest loose pants which can properly stretch, but that you know you’ll wear during your trip.  (Because let’s be honest – no one has space for ANYTHING extra).

Steer clear of super tight pants that you can’t get into or breathe in.  You’re going to be sitting in those bad boys for a long time – you’re going to have to love them.


  • Top

I like to wear a long shirt that is both warm and breathable.  Something that I can brave the ice cold plane with, but that I can wear when I get out in Dubai (or wherever I connect).  I’d suggest wearing something that you feel that you can breathe in and something that you won’t feel ashamed to wear when people see you.

I usually fly with an extra shirt to put on halfway through the flight, when I feel like one big airplane germ.  Such a small thing can make a big difference.

Take a jacket.  This is very important.  Take a nice and warm jacket.  The airplane is always icy, therefore something thick and warm to wear over your long shirt is paramount to your comfort.


  • Underwear

Once again, the most important here, is comfort.  Choose garments that won’t pull and crawl and sit too tightly around your bum/chest.  Remember, we want the blood flowing.  I always fly with a clean pair in my hand luggage to put on halfway through the flight, when I tend to feel groggy.  


Not sure what should go into your practical carry-on bag?  You can read more about that here.


  • Socks

Don’t wear socks that squish your feet and allow no blood to flow through.  Either wear loose-ish socks that are nice and warm, or wear compression socks.  I personally don’t fly with compression socks (and I’ve always been well after the flight), but they do hold a lot of benefits.  Whether you decide to wear normal or compression, the most important is to stay warm.  Choose socks made from natural fibres (such as wool) to keep your feet warm, but not sweaty.  And not stinky.  Remember that there are other people that will also sit in your stench.


  • Shoes

I like to fly in my pumps, which I kick out as soon as I get into the plane.  These simple shoes are both pretty and comfortable, but most importantly:  they are not a hassle to put on or take off when I have to.  There are a number of jurisdictions that, when you enter, ask you to take off things like shoes, jackets and belts.  This is very irritating and can be quite a hassle if you travel in clothes that are difficult to put on or take off.


  • Accessories

I would suggest removing jewellery, as this can be a nuisance and can restrict blood flow.  I normally fly with only my rings.  Earrings tend to poke me when I try to sleep, so I leave them in my bag.  

Other accessories like scarves, beanies etc can be really nifty, but are not necessary.  I prefer to have no hassles (like beanies irritating me) and not to take something that I risk forgetting in the plane.  During my last trip, one of my companions lost one of her favourite Pashminas in the plane. 🙁


The aim of the game is to be warm and comfortable, not suppress blood flow and to think you look mediumly OK.  I’m not going to win any prizes for my outfits, but I don’t feel like walking with a paper bag over my face either.  


If you can get that right, you’re A for Away!  So just go…  Just travel!

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